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Great aloo gobi recipe from the film Bend It Like Beckham. (Recipes courtesy of - Chef Chuckdarwin.)
Category:  Main Dishes Vegetarian
Preparation time: 20m
Cooking time: 40m
I got this aloo palak recipe from, but have adjusted it slightly to my liking. It will serve two as a main course when served with naan bread or rice, or four as a side dish. If you like it a little milder deseed the chilies. (Recipes courtesy of - Chef Sylvie)
Category:  Vegetarian Side Dishes
Preparation time: 10m
Cooking time: 20m
I found this recipe in an American Indian cookbook. I can't wait to try it. (Recipes courtesy of - Chef Nasseh)
Category:  Dessert
Preparation time: 15m
Cooking time: 1h 15m