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A simple salad. (Recipes courtesy of - Chef Parsley)
Category:  Vegetarian Salads
Preparation time: 10m
Has lots of spices and a little bit of heat from the scotch bonnet. Very Caribbean. Served either hot or cold, easily prepares in advance for when you need it. (Recipes courtesy of
Category:  Soups
Preparation time: 1h
Cooking time: 2h
This cookie recipe has become a dear favorite of my entire extended family here in Ft. Worth, TX, esp. Uncle George!(Recipes courtesy of - Chef KeriLou)
Category:  Dessert
Preparation time: 10m
Cooking time: 15m
This is my favorite dessert to make when cooking Indian food. The sweet & creamy taste is a delicious end to a hot & spicy meal. I posted this recipe in 2004 and can't believe that here it is 2007 and no one has yet ventured trying it! Go Ahead, it's really delicious!!! (Recipes courtesy of - Chef Carla)
Category:  Dessert
Preparation time: 10m
Cooking time: 1h
Nann are eaten usally with curries. Naans comes in different flavors: plain naan, butter naan, garlic naan. Originally they are cooked in tandoor but you can prepare this in your chiken. (Recipes courtesy of - Chef Awalde)
Category:  Side Dishes
Preparation time: 50m
Cooking time: 20m
Deliciously spicy, and very aromatic. These are far more interesting than regular old meatballs. (Recipes courtesy of - Chef Canarygirl)
Category:  Main Dishes
Preparation time: 45m
Cooking time: 30m
This makes the perfect side dish for any curry dish. (Recipes courtesy of - Chef JackieOhNo)
Category:  Side Dishes
Preparation time: 10m
A delicious spinach salad with apples, nuts, raisins and a curry/chutney dressing. Sounds wonderful! (Recipes courtesy of - Chef Nancy's Pantry)
Category:  Salads
Preparation time: 10m
From Indian Vegetarian Cooking at Your House by Sunetra Humbad and Amy Schafer Boger, M.D. "Makes 1 cup (traditional serving = 2 TBS)" (Recipes courtesy of - Chef Mliss29)
Category:  Salads
Preparation time: 10m
Cooking time: 5m
This unusual dessert was found in an American Indian cookbook. (Recipes courtesy of - Chef Nasseh)
Category:  Dessert
Cooking time: 25m
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