Rajasthan On A Plate: A Culinary Expedition

Rajasthan stands out as one of the most enchanting destinations in India, celebrated for its awe-inspiring palaces, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture and history. Often hailed as the “land of kings,” the state boasts a distinctive charm. The culinary traditions of Rajasthan were significantly shaped by the lifestyle of the Rajput royals. In contrast to […]

Culinary Extravaganza: Exploring the Richness of Indian Wedding Foods

Winter marks the commencement of another season of Indian weddings. Indian weddings are recognized for their vibrant colors and profound traditions. Wedding celebrations span several days, commencing with colorful events like the sangeet, a lively gathering featuring music and dance. The mehndi party follows, dedicated to adorning the bride, family, and guests with intricate henna […]

Flavors of the Tandoor: Grilling Delights from India

Indian cuisine stands out due to its remarkable diversity in cooking methods. From sautéing to steaming, deep frying, clay pot cooking, braising, pressure cooking, dum cooking, and using a tandoor, the array of techniques sets it apart from other cuisines. The multitude of methods reflects the vastness of India’s culinary traditions, every method bringing its […]

Diwali Delights Blog Cover

Diwali Delights: A Curated Dinner for the Festival of Lights

Certainly, Diwali is the eagerly anticipated highlight of the year, celebrated with immense enthusiasm and grand festivities. However, preparing for a week-long celebration can be stressful. Preparing menus and shopping ahead is the key to a successful Diwali season. When it comes to groceries, your local Patel Brothers is your one-stop shop for all your […]

10 Indian Breakfast Dishes That Everyone Should Try

Do you often wake up super hungry and wondering what to eat for breakfast?  You can skip the boring options like cereal and make a traditional Indian breakfast. In Indian homes, breakfast is an important part of the day. Indian breakfast is just as gourmet, rich, delicious, and versatile as the rest of the cuisine. […]

What’s Your Favorite Indian Summer Drink?

What’s Your Favorite Indian Summer Drink?

“Kuch thanda piyanga” which translates to “Would you like something cold to drink” is a common term that you would hear in an Indian household during the summer months. This summer has been alarmingly hot around the globe. Staying hydrated is now more critical than ever.  Indian cuisine has some of the best summer drinks […]

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