What’s Your Favorite Indian Halwa?

Indians take great pride in representing recipes passed down from one generation to the next.  We are comforted by traditions that connect us to our previous generations.  We love to recreate recipes of specialty foods like halwa for our own families on major occasions that we once grew up eating.  What is Halwa? Halwa is […]

4 Hearty Indian Vegetables That You Should Try

Undoubtedly, Indian cuisine has some of the tastiest and most flavorful vegetarian and vegan dishes. In Hindi, vegetables are called sabzi or sabji.  The majority of Indian cuisine is vegetable-based dishes. The variety of vegetables used in Indian cuisine is extensive as they are often paired together to make scrumptious dishes. Vegetable curries are cooked […]

Learning The History Of Indian Food

India is known for having some of the best food culture in the world. The number and range of spices and fresh ingredients used across the country has led to an unparalleled diversity of flavors. Throw in the seemingly countless ways in which dishes are prepared and composed, and you have some of the tastiest […]

What’s Your Favorite Indian Thali?

India is home to extraordinary over-the-top delicious and flavorful food that will transport you to food heaven. When eating Indian food, you are guaranteed to experience a plethora of flavors in just one sitting. What characterizes India is its undying love for food items, as its cuisine is not only different in taste but also […]

4 Unique Viral Food Trends of 2021

When food trends go viral on social media, they go beyond the screen we are looking at. They travel through our kitchen, into our belly, and eventually end up as posts on our social media pages. Since the pandemic started, people have been experimenting more in their kitchens. Both ametuer and professional cooks alike have […]

3 Indian Women Icons That You Should Follow

Indian women are turning heads and killing the game and receiving their long overdue global recognition. Gone are the days, where Indian women were just known for taking over conventional career paths. Nowadays,  you will see Indian women representing themselves and setting trends in all fields of life.  From being global entrepreneurs, having their own […]

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