4 Indian Fashion Designers Introducing Indian Fashion Globally

Let’s face it, no one does glitz and glam better than Indians. Thanks to Bollywood movies for introducing the world to the most colorful mecca of fashion.  Dresses including sarees, lenghas, and Indian Inspired gowns caught the attention of more than just other desis. Indian embroidered prints with delicate lace, thread, and stone work have […]

3 Indian Celebrity Chefs Bringing Indian Cuisine Around the Globe

Undoubtedly, no other cuisine compares to the flavor, aroma, depth and variety of Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine is known to be diverse as compared to other cuisines worldwide as the use of spices and herbs in varying degrees makes every dish unique in flavor from the other. The exotic flavor of Indian food is popular […]

4 Bollywood Dance Groups That You Should Follow

In recent years, Bollywood dance has taken over the world center stage. Bollywood is known for their over the top dance numbers and stunts with upbeat music and colorful costumes. Dance is a big part of Indian culture.  From performing kathak in temples to doing bhangra in weddings, you will find people dancing everywhere in […]

What’s your cup of chai?

“Chai tou piyange?” which translates to “will you have chai?” is a common phrase that you hear if you live in or are visiting an Indian household. Chai is an essential drink in India.  It can even be considered rude if you don’t serve chai to guests visiting your house,  as Indians are known for […]

4 Indian Food Bloggers You Should Follow

If you are a newbie in the kitchen, wondering where to begin or not wanting to spend the time figuring out the recipe instructions your mom gave you on the phone, social media is a great source for cooking.  Instead of being overwhelmed with lengthy recipes that are hard to follow,  we recommend following these […]

5 Mouthwatering Indian Mithai That Everyone Should Try

Americans love their apple pie, Italians love their gelato and Indians love their Mithai. Mithai is a colorful sweet confection that comes in all colors, flavors, textures, shapes, and sizes. India is known for its over the top rich culinary cuisine.  It is also home to extraordinary desserts.  Just like pastry shops or gelato shops, […]

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