The Colors of Holi Run Across U.S Cities

Holi announces the passing of winter and arrival of spring, radiating merriment. People meet each other with warm embraces, burying hatchets, and throwing away their worries. During Holi, every corner presents a colorful sight filled with singing, dancing, delicious foods and desserts, and quality time spent with friends and family. This Festival of Color in […]

Care for My Hair

Do you ever look back at an old picture and miss your luscious locks? New Year’s resolutions have everyone focusing on self care. This year, in addition to healthy eating and going to the gym, my new mantra is “care for my hair”. Much of last year was spent traveling which took a big toll […]

The Subtle Beauty of Kashmiri Chai aka Pink Tea

Move over green tea, we now have a new chai contender in town. With the arrival of winter and the bitter icy winds, this rosy-hued drink known as Kashmiri Chai is now the “it” drink of the season. Brought to Pakistan and India by the people of Kashmir after the partition in 1947, this drink […]

Best Indian Hors d’oeuvres for your Next Holiday Party!

We are in full swing for the Holiday season! Although holiday times are fun for some, they can be a daunting time for others with end of the year work deadlines, finding budget friendly presents, or even preparing to throw the ultimate holiday cocktail party. To make life a little easier for you, we have […]

Golden Milk aka Haldi Dhood

While waiting in line to grab my latte at my favorite cafe earlier this year, I overheard two other fellow coffee enthusiasts discussing the latest and greatest item on the menu called “Golden Milk.” Because my curiosity always get the best of me, I decided to ask the Barista to give me the 101 on […]

Diwali, Dharma, and Resistance

As another Diwali approaches, we reflect on what Diwali means to us. The story of Diwali is nested among two timeless forces: light and darkness. Indians see it as an opportunity for a reset to the mind, body, or spirit. It’s easy to let the momentum of your life take you into a rabbit hole […]

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