3 Foods to Eat During The Indian Monsoon Season

Hira Shaikh
August 1, 2022
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Unlike other parts of the world, rainfall (barish) is a big deal in India. Farmers pray for it all year as it’s considered a blessing. A good monsoon season is vital for India’s economy as it leads to bountiful crops. Additionally, the rainy season is welcomed by the nation with open arms as it brings a sense of peace and joy. 

What is Monsoon Season?

Monsoon is derived from the Arabic word “Muslim” which translates to  "seasonal reversal of winds”. In India, there are two monsoons or rainy seasons. The summer monsoon lasts from May to September. The winter monsoon lasts from October to April and is less powerful. 

Summer Monsoon brings humid weather followed by rainfall. The monsoon season determines the climate for India and other parts of Southeast Asia.  Agriculture plays an important role in India's economy.  The monsoon rain provides a proper source of irrigation. The yearly rainfall supplies water to crops during the prime agricultural season. Crops grown during the monsoon season are called kharif. Kharif crops such as rice, bajra, and corn are produced during this season. 

After months of scorching heat, rain is truly appreciated by Indians as they look forward to smelling post-rain earthy scent, cool breeze, and cloudy skies.  The monsoon rain is truly celebrated in India as you will spot people playing football in the rain, dancing to their favorite Bollywood songs on rooftops, and enjoying their favorite rainy day foods.  We have gathered a list of must-have foods to try during the rainy season in your area. 

1. Chai and Pakoras

No rainy season is complete without a piping hot plate of crunchy pakoras.  If you live in an Indian household, the sound of rain instantly reminds you of garam chai and pakoras (hot pakoras). Pakoras are also chai’s favorite companion on a rainy day. Try our zafrani matka chai if you are looking for a recipe.

Pakoras are spicy fritters made by dipping vegetables in a gram flour-based batter and deep fried. There are endless varieties of Pakoras, however, common varieties include onion, potato, spinach, and eggplant.  Pakoras are served with mint chutney.  Check out our two delicious pakora recipes: our crispy pakora recipe and our easy paneer pakodas recipe.

2. Corn (Bhutta)

Corn is the superstar of the rainy season. Yellow golden in color, corn (maize) is one of the most wanted summer foods around the world. India is one of the leading producers of corn. Zea mays is corn’s scientific name. Corn is known as the “queen of cereal”. The unique thing about corn is that every part of the corn can be used to make a variety of food and non-food products.  

In India, the most popular way to enjoy it is by eating corn on the cob.   During the summer monsoon season, you will spot street vendors selling corn everywhere. First, corn is roasted over a coal fire, followed by a sprinkle of salt, red chili powder, and chaat masala. Finally, it's rubbed with lime and served hot.  

Other popular summer items include corn salad, corn dip, and cornbread.  If you are looking for a unique and out-of-the-ordinary recipe for your next summer barbeque party,  be sure to check out our corn chaat recipe. It's guaranteed to be a hit among your guests.

3. Mangoes

Mango, also known as aam, is the most sought tropical fruit in India. They are available all summer long. Indian mangoes are delicious and mouthwatering. India is one of the largest producers of mangoes in the world. Some of the best types of mangoes are grown in India. Mango lovers look forward to exploring and trying different types of mangoes.  

Some famous types of mangoes include alphonso, kesar, chausa, and banganpalli. Eating an Indian mango is an experience itself.  Additionally, mangoes are the main ingredient for tasty cool drinks like aam ka pana and mango lassi. If you are looking to satisfy your Indian mango craving, be sure to stop at your local Patel Brothers as they carry a wide variety of Indian mangoes.

Other rainy day favorite foods include kachori, samosas,  vada pav, and momos.   As Indian cuisine is versatile, every region in India has its rainy day favorite food that is enjoyed by the locals.   If you happen to travel to India during the summer monsoon season,  try one of our food recommendations and your tastebuds will thank you. 

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