What’s Your Favorite Bengali Dish?

Bengali food is one of India’s most celebrated cuisines, known for its myriad of extraordinary dishes. This cuisine is heaven for seafood lovers but equally offers flavorsome and appetizing vegetarian dishes. What is Bengali Cuisine? Bengali cuisine is the culinary style of Bengal that consists of the country Bangladesh and the Indian state of West […]

The 5 Most Wonderful Days Of Diwali

Autumn officially kick starts the holiday season around the globe with one being Diwali, the festival of light. Diwali or Deepavali is a super festive holiday that is celebrated with anticipation, excitement, and grandeur. Firecrackers, oil lamps, and gifts – the mere mention of Diwali is the epitome of celebration.  Diwali signifies the spiritual “victory […]

4 Hyderabadi Dishes That Everyone Must Try

When you think of tangy, rich, and luscious Indian food,  dishes such as Hyderabadi dum biryani and kathi dal come to mind. Indian cuisine may be primarily vegetarian, but it also has over-the-top non-vegetarian dishes.  Hyderabadi cuisine is an integral part of South India. It is known as the royal cuisine of India. Hyderabadi cuisine […]

What Is Your Favorite Plant-Based Indian Dish?

What Is Your Favorite Plant-Based Indian Dish?

Indian cuisine has the most delicious plant-based dishes.  Plant-based foods can be healthier and more sustainable. A plant-based diet does not necessarily have to be bland. Indian cuisine offers a wide variety of plant-based dishes that prove plants can be filling without compromising on the taste.  What is Plant-Based?  The term “plant-based” was invented in […]

3 Foods to Eat During The Indian Monsoon Season

3 Foods to Eat During The Indian Monsoon Season

Unlike other parts of the world, rainfall (barish) is a big deal in India. Farmers pray for it all year as it’s considered a blessing. A good monsoon season is vital for India’s economy as it leads to bountiful crops. Additionally, the rainy season is welcomed by the nation with open arms as it brings […]

5 South Indian Dishes That Everyone Should Try

Indian food has gone mainstream. You can easily find Indian spices in your local grocery store. Some major grocery stores even carry frozen ready-made Indian meals. Indian food is a crowd pleaser and has gained popularity around the globe. When it comes to aromatic and flavorful food, Indian cuisine is unparalleled. India is a country […]

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