5 Indian Street Foods That Everyone Must Try

5 Indian Street Foods That Everyone Must Try

Over the last few years, India’s street food scene has gained massive popularity everywhere as famous YoutTube food vloggers Trevor James (The Food Ranger), Mark Weins and others have traveled to India to try Indian street food delicacies.  If you have lived in India or have visited India,  there is something exciting and fascinating about […]

Dal: Everyone’s Favorite Indian Comfort Food

Dal: Everyone’s Favorite Indian Comfort Food

When you think of your favorite Indian comfort food, without a question,  Dal instantly comes to mind. After a tiring day, all you need is a plate of dal and chawal (rice) to nourish and soothe your soul. Dal hits the same comfort buttons as soup or mac and cheese. What is Dal? Derived from the […]


5 Unique Indian Spices and Herbs That You Should Cook With

What differentiates Indian cuisine from other culinary cuisines around the world? It’s a variety of spices that are used to prepare a meal.  For thousands of years, rich spices like turmeric (haldi) and cumin (zeera) that have brought life to Indian food are now commonly seen being used all over the globe.  Do you ever […]

6 Rare Fruits That Everyone Must Try

6 Rare Fruits That Everyone Must Try

For most of us living in the U.S, a trip to the fruit section of our grocery store is monotonous. You will only find fruits such as apples, bananas, grapes, and oranges which are available all year long. While fruits like Mangoes and Guavas seem to be a favorite among Indians everywhere, did you know […]


Saffron, the true Red Gold

Saffron is the world’s most legendary spice, and is commonly referred to as “Red Gold”.  The reason being is that Saffron is the most expensive and exquisite spice in the world.  The history of saffron cultivation and usage dates back to over 3000 years ago, and is connected to many cultures. Originating in Iran, saffron […]

Sites In India You Must Visit In Your Lifetime

7 Sites In India You Must Visit In Your Lifetime

India is undoubtedly one of the oldest civilizations on Earth. Its diverse cultural history, inhabitants of multiple races, religions, music, foods, fashion and languages makes it a goldmine for the study of architectural evolution throughout history.  (1) The Taj Mahal Speaking of lavish architecture, one of the Seven Wonders of the World– the Taj Mahal— […]

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