3 Indian Celebrity Chefs Bringing Indian Cuisine Around the Globe

Hira Shaikh
October 30, 2021
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Undoubtedly, no other cuisine compares to the flavor, aroma, depth and variety of Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine is known to be diverse as compared to other cuisines worldwide as the use of spices and herbs in varying degrees makes every dish unique in flavor from the other. The exotic flavor of Indian food is popular worldwide and is loved in every corner of the globe. When eating Indian food, you are guaranteed to experience a plethora of flavors in just one sitting. Over the last decade, Indian cuisine has taken over the world’s top culinary stage and claimed its spot on the global map as it won top honors for its culinary delights. Below are the top movers and shakers who have a big hand in putting Indian cuisine on the global map:

1. Sanjeev Kapoor

Just like the Kapoors of Bollywood, Sanjeev Kapoor is the most celebrated chef in every corner of India. Long before turning to Google and YouTube for recipes, chef Kapoor’s popular show khana khazana served as a recipe guide in Indian households everywhere. Khana khazana is one of the top and longest running food tv shows in India and has over 500 million viewers. In 2011, he also launched his own food channel called Food Food. Chef extraordinaire has authored over 150 best selling cookbooks. In 2017, he was awarded Padma Shri by the government of India. Interesting and impressive fact, in 2017, chef Kapoor claimed his spot in the guinness book world records as he cooked over 918kg which is over 2000 pounds of khichdi on live tv. If you are looking for a five star fine dining experience,visit one of the locations of Chef Kapoor’s famous restaurant chain called yellow chili, where your tastebuds will get the chance to try chef’s signature dishes like Shaam Savera, Lalla Mussa Dal, Gulab e Gulkand and Royal Hara Bhara Kabab

2. Vikas Khanna

Chef  Vikas Khanna has received exclusive culinary top honors and has a list of unparalleled accomplishments.  This charismatic chef is based in New York and is the owner of an upscale Michelin star Indian restaurant called Junoon. Junoon has been the recipient of a prestigious Michelin star award for 8 years in a row. Chef Khanna is the judge of Masterchef India and has worked with world renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsey, Bobby Flay and Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Some of the chef’s top recipes include chicken tikka masala, pumpkin biryani with pistachios, khubani ka shahi tukda and chai-infused emperor's green rice. Last year in the beginning of the global pandemic, Chef Khanna started the “feed india” initiative to deliver food and supplies to those in need across India.

3. Vineet Bhatia

Based in London, Chef  Bhatia was the first Indian chef to receive a Michelin star for his restaurant called Zaika in London and later for his other restaurant named Rasoi in Switzerland. He is the only Indian chef that holds a Michelin star in the United Kingdom and outside of the United Kingdom. Chef Bhatia’s does not conform to traditional Indian cooking style rather his food inspiration comes from anything and everything. Chef’s cooking style is a  combination of traditional and contemporary. Chef likes to mix and match various ingredients from different flavors to create new and out of the world recipes. Some of his popular iconic dishes include salmon-coconut cakes, dill raita, chicken koftas, edamame salsa grilled peaches, white chocolate rabdi and cardamom panna cotta and sweet fennel lollipop. Chef Bhatia is the judge-host of Masterchef India and also appears as the judge on The Final Table on Netflix.  In addition to his list of achievements, Chef Bhatia also authored two books, Rasoi: New Indian Kitchen and My Sweet Kitchen.

As evident from their numerous accolades, these chefs have paved the way, filled in the big shoes, and made great progress in introducing Indian cuisine to a worldwide audience while garnering new fans along the way. Indian cuisine has finally received its recognition in the global culinary world. There are various definitions of what a great chef may be but a key factor is how they represent and give back to the cuisine of their homeland. It is no easy task to get your feet wet in the top culinary world and these chefs above have done a fine job in representing India.

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