4 Bollywood Dance Groups That You Should Follow

Hira Shaikh
September 29, 2021
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In recent years, Bollywood dance has taken over the world center stage. Bollywood is known for their over the top dance numbers and stunts with upbeat music and colorful costumes. Dance is a big part of Indian culture.  From performing kathak in temples to doing bhangra in weddings, you will find people dancing everywhere in India. Thanks to TikTok, Bollywood dance offs have now become a trend.  

Before the pandemic started, Bollywood inspired dance workout classes were gaining popularity across the country as Indian music was often seen being used in various classes like yoga, zumba and barre.  If you are looking for a new hobby, want to choreograph a dance number for your friends or family’s upcoming wedding or want to get in shape by dancing to bollywood music, you no longer have to step into the gym and worry about getting an awkward look while learning your favorite dance move, you can enjoy learning bollywood dance from the comfort of your home. We have penned down suggestions for Indian dance groups that offer virtual dance classes:

Bollyx Fitness

Featured on NBC’S shark tank, Bollyxfitness offers bollywood inspired dance workout routines with step by step library tutorials with ability to customize your workouts by song, duration and intensity. They offer low and high intensity workouts that are up to an hour. Bollyx also offers a free trial class to new members.  Some of our favorite Bollyx’s  dance videos include “mera tera boyfriend” and “gallan goodiyaan”.


Based in New York, Bfunk also known as bollywood funk is a leading dance institute which offers virtual lessons as well as outdoor lessons with limited capacity. At Bollywood funk, you will find Bollywood music mixed with other dance schools such as hip hop and jazz. They challenge their participants to bring their own unique dance moves to the east meets west canvas of dance. In bfunk’s dance videos, you will spot dancers from every background.  If you are looking for a quick burst of energy, check out our favorite modern dance off  “ghungroo” and “jalebi baby”

Bhangra Empire

Bhangra is everyone’s favorite type of Indian dance in Indian weddings as it is the most popular and energetic folk dance. Bhangra Empire is based in California and has been around since 2006. If you are looking to learn bhangra the proper way, Bhangra Empire offers beginner, intermediate, advanced and master level classes. Bhangra Empire appeared on America’s Got talent, have performed during the half time of Golden State Warriors and well as for Barack Obama’s first state dinner in 2009. Check out the remake of the legendary song “yaar bolda”

Andaaz Dance Academy

Based in San Diego, California, Andaaz offers dance classes on Bollywood dance as well folk dances like bhangra and garba.  In addition to group lessons, they offer individual dance lessons and couple dance lessons  They also do live performances at sangeet and weddings. Check out easy to follow mellow dance number “bahara bahara”

Dance is the best discovery of mankind as it is the one of the best stress relievers. All of these groups listed above are unique in their own way and will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone. These Bollywood dance  groups will guarantee that you get off the couch and get your groove on.  Bollywood dancing will give you the adrenaline rush you have been looking for. 

Are you a fan of Bollywood dancing or have taken a class to learn to choreograph a dance number? Share your favorite dance routine or dance group in the comment section.

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