5 Type Of Indian Mangoes That Everyone Must Try

Hira Shaikh
May 30, 2023
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All mango lovers rejoice, it's officially mango season. Mango, also known as aam, is the most sought tropical fruit in India. Mango is the national fruit of India.  India is one of the largest producers and exporters in the world.  Indian mangoes are known to be the “king of fruits” because of their superior taste, rich flavor, and sweet juiciness. National Mango Day is celebrated every year on July 22nd to honor this delicious fruit.

They are available during the summer months from May to September. Mango is a versatile fruit as it is used for salads, chutney, desserts, smoothies, juices, and curries, and pickled into the quintessential mango achaar.

No other mangoes can outdo the taste of Indian mangoes due to their premium quality.  The finest types of mangoes are grown in India. Indian mangoes are renowned internationally because of their exceptional aroma and variety.  Each variety of mango has its own recognizable taste, texture, and attribute. There are different varieties of Indian mangoes to choose from, we came up with a list to help you to navigate:

1. Alphonso 

They are also known as hapus.  Alphonso is considered the king of mangoes in India. They are large in size with bright yellow skin. Alphonso has a creamy, rich, sweet, and juicy flavor and smooth texture. It’s one of the most popular and eagerly awaited mangoes.

Because of its exceptional quality and taste, it has gained recognition worldwide. It’s one of the most highly sought out types of mango around the globe. This is the most expensive type of mango. Alphonso is often eaten fresh and used in smoothies, salads, and desserts.

2. Kesar

Kesar mangoes are grown in Gujarat, India. They have a sweet taste with a bit of tanginess. They have a sweet fragrant aroma that spreads everywhere. They are small to medium-sized with an oval shape. Kesar mangoes are golden yellow with a greenish overtone. 

It is very common to eat kesar mangoes straight off the tree as they are relatively easy to peel with a melt-in-your-mouth pulp.  Kesar is eaten fresh and is commonly used in traditional Indian desserts and drinks like aamras, mango juice, mango ice cream, and mango lassi (mango yogurt drink). Kesar mangoes are considered a superior mango variety and are eagerly awaited for each year.

3. Chaunsa

If you have a big sweet tooth, chaunsa will fulfill your sweet craving with its insatiable sweetness. Chaunsa has an oval shape with greenish-yellow skin that turns golden yellow as it ripens. The word chaunsa translates to “sucker” in Hindi. Chaunsa originated in Bihar, India. It refers to the sucking sensation that people experience when eating a fully ripe mango.

Compared to other mangoes, chaunsa have higher vitamin C content. There are four types of chaunsa mangoes: kala chaunsa, safaid chaunsa, mosami chaunsa, and azeem chaunsa. Chaunsa is rich, creamy, and exceptionally sweet.

4. Banganapalli

Banganapalli mangoes are also known as safedi. The mango is named after the town, Banaganapalle where it originated from. They are large-sized mangoes with firm and fiberless flesh. The taste is sweet and tangy. Banganapalli is eaten by itself and used to make milkshakes, desserts, and Indian pickles (achar).

5. Dasheri

They originated from Lucknow, India.  They first appeared in the gardens of Nawab of Lucknow. Dasheri mango is a small to medium-sized that is light yellow-green in color with peachy flesh. Dasheri is aromatic and has a nectar-like scent. The flavor of Dasheri mangoes is rich, sweet, and tangy.

Due to their exceptional taste and quality, all of these types of mangoes listed above are highly sought after and considered tropical luxury fruit around the world.  Indian mangoes are top-notch. They are very high in demand during their peak season.  Sweet mangoes are one of the fruits that make blistering hot summer bearable. For many Indian families, it has become a tradition to enjoy delicious mangoes together after a meal.

Eating an Indian mango is an experience in itself.  Mangoes are the main ingredient for tasty summer cool drinks like aam ka pana and mango lassi.  For a true mango lover, summer is incomplete without indulging in sweet mangoes. If you are looking to satisfy your Indian mango craving, stop at your local Patel Brothers as they carry a wide variety of Indian mangoes. 

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