Gather Together With Thankful Hearts

Hira Shaikh
November 26, 2019
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The frenzy of Thanksgiving is approaching fast! It is one of the many anticipated holidays as it brings families and friends from all around the country to break bread together. It also starts the official countdown to Christmas and New Year. Along with community building and a big turkey dinner, Thanksgiving is everyone's favorite excuse to go on an extreme shopping spree with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Many South Asian families, especially in the States, save up money and gear up for huge savings as they wait to purchase big items during this weekend. These shopping marketing tactics have started surfacing in South Asian countries such as India and Pakistan as well with different names, like “White Friday” or “Blessed Friday”.

Apart from this, Thanksgiving is every foodie’s favorite holiday as they are able to satisfy their year long cravings in one sitting. One of the best parts about being South Asian is being able to add a “desi” touch to Western foods. Since turkey is known to be a bit bland, many people add Indian spices to their turkeys to make it more flavorful, such as Tandoori Turkeys, while others opt out of turkey to make whole tandoori chickens instead. Some even try cooking up new dishes like turkey curry (see recipe below)  and pumpkin and chickpea curry. Additionally, people further “desi-fy” their Thanksgiving feasts by concocting sides like masala mashed potatoes or sweet and sour tomato chutney, instead of the original basic mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. Check out our new masala mashed potato recipe below. It is guaranteed to be a hit on your Thanksgiving dinner table! Other sides include, caramelized cumin-roasted carrots, tamarind gravy, and Indian-styled stuffed mushrooms. Along with savory entrees, many people deck out their tables with scrumptious desi desserts like pumpkin halwa, cardamom custard, and buttermilk-cardamom pie.

Quick and Easy Masala Mashed Potatoes Video Recipe

Quick and Easy Turkey Curry Video Recipe

In all the excitement of food, let’s not forget about one of the main sentiments that comes with Thanksgiving, giving thanks. There is always something to be thankful for: the family and friends that make up our support system, good health, the food on our table, a roof over our head, and even the internet that allows us to read this blog at this current moment. In this fast-paced digital culture that can leave us mentally exhausted and disconnected with nature, personal relationships, and our inner selves, practicing gratitude has become more important than ever for our well being. In the wise words of internationally-recognized inspirational speaker Eleanor Brown, “you only have one life to live. Make sure it’s yours.” We’ll never stop wanting more and comparing our lives to others, but if we don’t learn to be grateful for what we have, we’ll never be satisfied. Expressing gratitude goes much deeper than giving and receiving gifts and compliments. It is a practice of being accepting of our changing world, and for being grateful for belonging in it. Practicing gratitude can further strengthen our immune system, help us feel less lonely, and even encourage us to find compassion and generosity toward others. It is the key to happiness and positivity.  

With that said, the Patel Brothers would like to thank each and every one of you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving! 

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