The Micro-Trends of Quarantine

Hira Shaikh
April 25, 2020
 min read

Times are tough and everyone out there is getting used to the “new normal”. The busy life we are all used to has somewhat come to a halt and in an effort to flatten the curve, people are practicing social distancing and are spending more time at home. As more people find themselves at home, they’re collectively gravitating toward certain activities in hopes of feeling connected to the outside world even if they might be alone. Quarantine has set off people hosting Zoom virtual parties for happy hours, family get-togethers, and even religious events. Now more than ever, people are working out at home, doing yoga, meditating, and doing many popular challenges originating on the ever growing platform called TikTok to keep themselves entertained. Challenges like the flip challenge, pillow challenge, and don’t rush challenge are gaining an audience around the globe.

Another hot trend that calls out to the many folks missing the main start to their day is the Dalgona Coffee or whipped coffee challenge. This is a great budget and quarantine friendly alternative for people who miss picking up their coffee from their favorite cafe every morning on their way to work. Phenti Hui Coffee aka whipped coffee has been the way to make coffee in desi households for decades. This decadent drink is now also known as Dalgona Coffee. This name originated in South Korea. Thanks to Tiktok, phenti hui coffee or whipped coffee has become the latest micro- trend of quarantine on social media and is receiving its much needed recognition. Wondering how to make this aesthetically pleasing frothy coffee at home? Follow the recipe down below and join the bandwagon! 

Phenti Hui Coffee

•  2 tablespoons instant coffee
•  2 tablespoons of hot water
•  2 tablespoons sugar (can adjust to your liking)
•  1 cup whole milk

1. Combine instant coffee, sugar and hot water in a mixing bowl.
2. Using a hand mixer, beat the mixture for 3 to 5 minutes, or until the color changes to golden brown and the mixture takes on a thick consistency. 
3. Pour milk into a cup and add the mixture on top. This can also be made into a cold version by adding iced cubes into the milk before pouring in the mixture on top.

You’ll definitely want to pair this delicious coffee with an even tastier treat. Chana Dal halwa is an all time favorite in South Asian households and is liked by all ages. Now that you have extra time on your hands and a packet of chana dal in your pantry, you can make this and all of the other scrumptious halwas you’ve always wanted to make for your family. 

Chana Dal Halwa

•  2 cups milk 
•  2 cups chana dal (soaked overnight)
•  2 sticks butter 
•  2 cups sugar
•  1 tsp cardamom powder 
•  3 tbsp mixed Nuts  

1. In a pot,  boil chana dal with milk and let it cook to 30-40 mins or until milk dries. Once done let it cool and put in a blender to make a thick paste
2. In a pan heated, add ghee, cardamom powder and chana dal mixture. Stir until the oil separates.
3. Add sugar and stir again until the oil separates.
4. Once the oil separates, add nuts and mix well. 
5. Take a flat dish and spread it with ghee, spread the halwa with a spoon, sprinkle remaining nuts on top, and cut with a greased knife into squares. 

These trends, which include everything from virtual zoom parties to dance challenges, all share a few things in common. Like whipped coffee, they are easily achievable from the comfort of your home, shareable online, and easily participatory (even though virtually). In today’s time of uncertainty and crisis, these activities bring many a feeling of comfort and joy. This strange time period will definitely be remembered for decades to come. Until then, let us make the most of it by spending time with our loved ones, cooking up new recipes, and relaxing. This too shall pass.

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